Automation in creating meeting

  • To create meeting automation, click settings icon on the top right corner of the page and select “Event Automation”. 
  • In the event automation page select “Automations Center”, to create automation. 
  • Then choose the applicable conditions when to initiate meeting automation. 
  • After choosing the scenarios, click “create meeting” to configure meeting. You can select for meetings like Teams, Zoom, or custom meetings. Then provide email setting, meeting start time, end time, time zone, and u can add users and teams.  
  • For Zoom meeting, organizer email ID will be shown in “Zoom Organizer” column or users can enable “Last Modified Zoom Organizer” as per the need. 
  • For configuring Teams Meeting, select “Teams Meeting, then choose organizer email from the popup window. 
  • Users can set reminders by enabling the “Reminder” button and can choose time ranges from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. 
  • Users can give meeting title wither by typing manually or by choosing the system variables and form fields given below. 
  • Also, users can attach required files from Yorodrive.