Column Swapping 

  • To swap columns in the task board, go to the configuration page by clicking Configuration icon available on the top left corner of the page. 
  • Click “Status” on the configuration page.  
  • Users can now swap any two columns using the drag-and-drop feature, except for the final column. 
  • If a user attempts to move any of the previous columns containing tasks to the final column, a popup window will display an alert message stating that the final column must be empty. 
  • Similarly, if a user tries to move the final column containing tasks to any other position, a popup window will appear with options. 
  • Users can either choose to move the column along with its tasks. 
  • Alternatively, users can opt to create a new column for the tasks and move the original column as empty by providing a name for the new column to be created. 
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