Request type and status

  • To create a request form, first you need to create a category. Click administration from the bottom left of the page and then select Desk Administration. 
  • In the Desk Administration, create a new category under “Categories” tab. 
  • Then to create a request type, click setting and go to configuration. 
  • In “Request Types” tab add new request type. 
  • To create request form, go to “Request Forms” and click new form. 
  • Now users can create a new request form by providing form name and select the category, Customer Support Board, and Request Form Type and click “Next” button. 
  • Just drag and drop the necessary fields for the Request Form. 
  • To create a ticket, open the request created in the “New Request” tab, click the request form and create ticket. 
  • Assign priority while creating ticket.