Update Version 2024. | Upgrade Your Workflow Experience with Yoroflow’s Latest Features

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In this blog, we are excited to introduce several new features of Yoroflow. Features like setting reminders for meetings, new integrations, and data table automation enhance the user experience. 

Let’s delve into the blog to explore more details about Yorofow’s latest updates. 

Explore more about Yoroflow’s latest updates

Reminder for meeting

Yoroflow introduces a new feature to set reminders for meeting automation in YoroCRM, Yoroflow, and Yoroproject. When creating a meeting, an invitation email will be sent to all the recipients. Now users can also set reminders while creating the meeting. A reminder email will be sent to all the email IDs added in the ‘To’ and ‘Optional’ columns. Users can customize the reminder time from 5 to 60 minutes before the meeting starts. Reminder feature is added in YoroCRM, Yoroflow’s email workflow control, and Yoroproject’s event automation. This feature ensures that no one will miss the meeting in their busy work process.  

Funnel Chart Report in YoroCRM

In YoroCRM’s deal board, a funnel chart is added under the report tab. This funnel chart shows each column’s summarized amount except the final column in the deal board. Users can view the task details of each column by clicking the funnel chart. This feature lets users view the status of all tasks that are in progress on the same page. Users can export this report to their mail with or without a filter. These reports will also be available in the drive, which allows users to access them at any time  

Drive option in Yoroflow

In our latest update, YoroDrive is integrated at the application level for both project management and workflow. This drive can be accessed inside every application. This feature has two tabs documents and projects. For a particular project or workflow, users can upload and store the relevant files and documents under the document tab in the YoroDrive. While creating new folders, users can give access to the team members. This drive will only show the members who have access to the projects. All the files and folders related to the project will be listed under the project tab. 

Edit button in Yoroflow

In Yoroflow, an edit button is introduced to enhance workflow management. This edit option can be enabled and disabled whenever needed. When it is disabled, the workflow will be in only readable format.  

Users need to enable the edit button to make changes like updating the workflows and giving permissions to the team members. If the users disable the edit button without updating the changes made, this feature will show a popup window asking whether to discard the changes.  

This edit button is available for owners and the team members who have permission to edit workflows. This button will not be visible to the users who have permission to only read the workflows The user permission tab provides options to change permissions like who can read, update, launch, and publish to the team members at any time. 

Yoroflow’s latest features offer a comprehensive upgrade to workflow management. From reminders for meetings to enhanced reporting, these updates streamline processes and improve efficiency. With added functionalities like data table automation and seamless application integration, Yoroflow continues to prioritize user experience and productivity.