Update Version 2024. | Yoroflow’s Exciting Updates: Propel Your Success

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To stay ahead in today’s dynamic business landscape, Yoroflow consistently enhances its features to drive innovation. Embark on a journey through Yoroflow’s latest updates, designed to propel your success forward. Explore the innovative enhancements that aim to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and empower your team to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. 

Join us as we unveil the innovations designed to empower you and your team like never before. 

Yoroflow’s exciting updates

IP Whitelisting

Yoroflow’s latest feature, IP Whitelisting, allows users to set a range of IP addresses and restrict access to the product accordingly. This feature can be enabled on Yoroflow’s domain administration page. Once activated, users must specify the IP address and range of addresses that are permitted access. Any IP addresses outside of this range will be denied access to the product. This enhancement ensures robust security by limiting access exclusively to systems within the organization’s approved IP addresses. 

Create Task

Yoroflow’s latest enhancement in workflow management enables users to create tasks and subtasks within their chosen application. Tasks can be initiated using the Create Tasks workflow control in workflow management, and both tasks and subtasks can be generated through event automation. Within the properties of the create task workflow control, users can select the appropriate license for the task and provide essential details such as name, project/board name, task name, start date, end date, and the desired status for the task. 

Through event automation, users have the capability to create both tasks and subtasks. They can select either the tasks or subtasks option located in the top right corner of the Create Task workflow control’s properties page. Depending on their selection, users can then input the necessary details to create either tasks or subtasks accordingly. 


With our latest updates in Yoroflow, users now can edit or delete existing labels on task boards. Additionally, users can create new labels directly within the task board’s label interface. 

YoroAI in transcription

In the transcription feature of YoroCRM and YoroDesk, our latest enhancement introduces YoroAI. This enhancement enables users to query YoroAI about transcriptions of specific conversations. The information generated by YoroAI can be copied for future reference. 

With features like IP Whitelisting for heightened security, streamlined task and subtask creation through enhanced workflow management, and the flexibility to edit, delete, and create labels directly within task boards, we’re committed to empowering our users with robust tools that simplify and optimize their workflows. Stay tuned for more innovations as we continue to evolve Yoroflow to meet your business needs seamlessly. Experience efficiency redefined with Yoroflow—your ultimate workflow management solution. 

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