Update Version 2024. | New Features Alert: Yoroflow’s Latest Enhancements You Can’t Miss

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We are excited to introduce our latest features to enhance the customer experience. Our new functionalities will make task management, file uploading, and automation more user-friendly and friendly.  

Let’s dive into the article and explore our latest updates in YoroCRM and Yoroflow. 

Yoroflow’s Latest Features and Enhancements


In YoroCRM, an automation feature is introduced. This automation is to update the contact fields when the contact status in the campaign board is changed. Users can update any contact fields except company name, with this automation. In custom fields, calculations are also added to change the numeric value given in the contact form or to calculate the difference in the date, month, and year. This feature helps the users to create automation whenever there is a change in the contact status. 

Another automation feature is added in CRM administration to check the contact status daily. This automation will check the contact for a specific field, and when it satisfies the condition, it will create a contact card in the board specified in the automation scenario. Also, it allows users to map with current date to trigger this automation. 

Contact files and organization files

Our latest update in YoroCRM enables users to upload and store files while creating the contact itself. This helps the users maintain all the files and documents related to the contact on the contact page. They can access it any time they need. And in Yorodrive, these uploaded files will be available under “Contact” and “Organization” folders.  

Sub Tasks Routine

In Yoroflow, our latest update is to trigger the automation to send email, when all the subtasks status are changed. In the event automation, users can choose the scenario like status of the subtask when to send mail and the email id to which the alert should be sent. This email will be sent with the attachment to the task board. Users can click the link and view all the details in the card. 

Enhance your business operations with Yoroflow’s latest functionalities and boost your productivity. Stay tuned for our next official release!