Update Version 2024. | Get Ahead with Yoroflow: Introducing Our Latest Product Updates

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Yoroflow, a business automation platform, continuously updates its products to provide game-changing features to users.   

In this blog, we will delve into our latest product updates that are released to enhance automation with innovation.  

Yoroflow Unveils Exciting New Updates

Data table – relatable column

The relatable column is a new feature in Yoroflow that seamlessly combines two data tables. Users can relate two tables by providing a column name, table name, and relatable column name. Once this data is provided, it relates to two tables with the relatable column and provides the required relatable data in the data table. It allows users to view, export, and download specific records. 

Integrated apps

Yoroflow integrates many applications to empower businesses to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. It introduces a new integration with Microsoft Azure.   

Microsoft Azure provides powerful tools to provide streamlined workflows for successful business. This Azure integration can be implemented at two levels i.e., organization level and user level.   

The organizational level can be set up from the administration tab while user-level Azure can be set up through my app tab from settings. At the organizational level, users can grant permissions for all invited users in Azure. At this organizational level, Azure provides a list of employees both as teams and as individual users.   

Event Automation

Azure can simplify resource management by creating various categories with different forms of different request types.   

  • User category: Users can create new user categories in the desk administration tab. It allows users to only create new categories. Once a category is created, it cannot be deleted. Instead, it provides options to activate or inactivate the category.  
  • Forms: In a single category users can create as many forms as they require. These forms are customizable, and it simplifies data collection tasks.   
  • Request type: Each form must define its request types. Each form has only one request type. This request type can be created in the desk’s configuration. It helps the team to streamline communication and enhance workflow efficiency.   

These user categories are created to streamline and enhance the efficiency of CRM and help desk processes.   

Creating new Azure users and Azure groups

Yoroflow makes it easy to create new Azure users by providing built-in components. Users can drag and drop these components to use it. Users can assign properties and give necessary access to users. Users can assign properties like task name, and agent, and map the form fields such as first name, last name, email id, and location. Using this feature, new users can be created, updated, and deleted from the Azure accounts. 

Azure Group

Once Azure users are created, they need to be organized by creating groups. Creating groups can help the team to give access and permissions in bulk. Users can create groups by specifying all necessary fields to categorize users. These Azure user and Azure group creations can be used for event automation and ticket management systems. 

Azure license

Azure license feature helps the team to streamline the access to users. It helps the team to streamline the license management by providing access only to those who need it. Not all users should have access to all features. Only the necessary access should be given to the specific users. This enhances license management through event automation. Event automation can be set with the Azure users, groups, forms, and request types created already by the user.   

YoroAI history

In YoroAI, a new feature history is added. This feature helps the user to search their entire search history. 

Updates in Yoroproject

Your project is a project management tool, which enhances the efficiency of the project by automating and providing streamlined processes. Our new features updates in Yoroproject help the team to manage projects efficiently from one place itself

Create projects

Your project provides options to create new projects from the application page itself. From start to finish, every action of the project management can be done on the same page. This enables the user to stay updated on the project status easily. 


Your project provides customizable dashboards that provide valuable insights into the projects’ status. Our latest update allows users to access the dashboard from the same application page. So, users can easily access the dashboard. 


Users can create and add project reports from the same application tab itself. Reports help the team to track and monitor the project status.  

Data table

The data table helps the team to provide better analysis. This data table also can be accessed from the application page for our latest product updates.   

Chargebee integration with Yoroflow


Chargebee is a user-friendly billing platform that is integrated with Yoroflow to automate invoice generation tasks. Businesses can streamline their billing processes by configuring Chargebee in their workflow automation. This tool can be configured by drag and drop option and used by assigning properties to the task. Users need to assign properties like giving task names, choosing Chargebee as its payment gateway, and choosing invoice type.   

Chargebee gateway

Chargebee gateway can be configured by selecting a payment gateway for a specific task. This can be configured by providing the customer name, payment type, email address, current type, and other necessary fields. Once configured, whenever a customer enters their account, they will receive an email with details like invoice details, product details, quantities, price, and applied discounts. These fields may vary based on the workflow of every organization. 

Campaign restriction in YoroConnect

YoroConnect, an email marketing tool helps the team to conduct email marketing campaigns efficiently. However, there should be some limitations in the campaigns for more effective marketing. Our latest update allows users to restrict the number of emails sent through the campaigns. This feature sets limits as 5 emails per day for the first five days and 10 emails per day for the next five days. These limitations in the number of emails will create a positive impact on the email campaign. 

As Yoroflow’s latest product updates will enhance the customer experience. All our product updates in Yoroflow, YoroCRM, Yoroproject, and YoroConnect will empower the team to achieve more efficiency and productivity with customer satisfaction. Leverage Yoroflow’s advanced features and efficiently achieve success.