Update Version 2022. | New Features and Updates in Yoroflow

Get a quick heads-up on latest features that are released recently in Yoroflow. Read the snippets to understand how they can help your business.

Latest Features - Yoroflow

Workflow Custom Report / Bar Chart

Generate report based on the form fields, users can design their report based on the fields you have while designing the form. We can select Category & Subcategory to create a report, so report will show all the tasks combining the form fields. 

Our automated custom report is a user-friendly management tool utilized by customers to create and share the business reports at the right time of the interval without any requirement. Need not update the data every time. Those updates can be done in real-time using an automated custom reporting tool.  

In Yoroflow, Report Configuration option helps to create a report by giving the report name, report type, workflow, task. Workflow owner can view all the workflow reports. 

you can even check all those details through the Bar chart including date-wise, monthyly-wise, and yearly-wise. 

Row & Column Level Computation

There are several functions executed in Calculate Fields, so the workflow owner can manipulate forms in many ways.

You can automatically compute some of the following functions in Yoroflow such as, you can Add, Subtract, Multiple, and Divide all data in the form, also you can map to next task/form when you need. 

Multiple Inserts in Data Table

Data Table is an editable component, i.e., users can view and edit it manually.  In Yoroflow, you can add the ‘n’ number of rows in your table and specify the data table owner name in the ‘Owners’ field. 

Each workflow is stored data in unique data table, where data from all existing instances are stored.

You can insert multiple data on a table from the workflow form to the datatable 

PDF Download

You can download the designed form along with the input data from a form. Ex – Invoice, Purchase Order.

Now, Yoroflow allows you to download the form in the PDF format. Export all the forms to PDF and to print in a couple of seconds using ‘Export as PDF’ button. So, you can find the view for you instantly. 

This feature helps to save your time on preparing report with PDF.

Bulk Upload / Import Excel (Taskboard)

Yoroflow allows users to update tasks in bulk by uploading an Excel file with the changes. It improves productivity by permitting them to update many tasks by uploading an Excel file with the changes to the workflow application.

Now you can directly create bulk tasks from a excel file to individual tasks. 

To learn more about Yoroflow features and how they will benefit your business, head over to our Sales team! 

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