Top 10 B2B Cold Email Templates to Convert Warm Leads

As communication channels become disappeared now with the tremendous growth of social media, it makes sense to admiration if the email is past its prime.

The solution is a resounding ‘Nope’, as clearly witnessed by the expected ROI from email campaigns deployed by B2B enterprises.

Email continues to stay on the top list of great communication strategies for any medium of business.

The reason is valuable. People like to prefer connecting via email and email marketers see high ROI. 

Top 10 B2B Cold Email Templates

B2B cold emailing is not difficult. The normal company staff gets around 100+ emails a day. And, 60% of email recipients tell they get sales emails that are unrelated. The sales team makes lead difficult to reach.

However, how do you win this competition for attention in your lead’s inbox?  

Optimize Your B2B Cold Email Conversion Rate

How are reaching out to cold prospects and leads?

To assist you to get immediate responses to your emails and give meaning back to your cold outreach, we decided to share with you a few of our top 10 and high-converting B2B cold email templates that are structured. They follow particular sales triggers, to give you acceptable justification for your targeted cold outreach.  

Follow-up Email is Important When It Comes to Email Prospecting

Do not stop the cold email you send to a targeted prospect. You always need to follow up with prospects many times. This is why we have also made the follow-up email marketing templates, b2b email marketing, email marketing templates, b2b partnership email template, mailing templates, email template for cold email, and sales email templates, where you will get multiple templates of various types of emails for sales and marketing teams.  

Here, we’ll share the top 10 B2B cold email templates for sales prospecting such as, 

  • Greeting Email Template 
  • Follow-up Email Template 
  • Appointment Scheduling Email 
  • Reminder Email  
  • Negotiation Email Template 
  • Final Follow-up Email 
  • Conversion Email Template  
Moreover, the below listed B2B cold email templates will increase your bottom line, response rates, and generate more leads from emails

Let’s dive in!

B2B Cold Email: Template 1

Hi XXX [Name],

This is [Your Name] and I head up the efforts of business development with [Company Name]. Recently, we launched new software that [Concise Description]. I take an educated stab in the dark here, but based on your profile, you appear to be the responsible person to connect with.

I’d like to talk with someone from [Company] who is appropriate for [Software Handling].

If it’s you, are you open to a 10-minute call on [Date and Time] to share ways the software can particularly assist your company? Can you please put me in touch with the appropriate person, if not you?



YYY [Your Name].

B2B Cold Email: Template 2

Hey XXX [Name] 

I hope I am not disturbing you. Can you please refer me to the right person in charge of [Relevant to my Software/Product]?

Thanks for your time. 

YYY [Your Name]

B2B Cold Email: Template 3

Hi XXX [Name]

I’m [Your Name], and I’m from [Your Company Name]. We are working with companies like [Name of the Company] to [Add Concise Description].

[Benefits and Features].

Can you please direct me to the person to speak to about this at [Name of the Company] so we can take a look at if it’d be valuable to integrate into your events? 

I appropriate the help!  


YYY [Your Name].

B2B Cold Email: Template 4

Hi XXX [Name],

I’m sorry to bother you. Will you be so kind as to tell me who is appropriate for, and how I may get contact them? 


YYY [Your Name]

B2B Cold Email: Template 5

Hi XXX [Name],

During the research, I came over your social media profile. I work with businesses in the computer software industry and noticed you visited our website [Website Name] in the past.

Do you have 30 minutes to discuss [Product’s Benefits] this week?

If so, you can book a demo directly onto the calendar here: [Meeting Link]

Looking forward to a quick meeting,

Thank You.

YYY [Your Name].

B2B Cold Email: Template 6

Hello XXX [Name], 

I follow up on my last email with a free tool I think you’ll need.

It’s a survey I made just for you, that will help you understand how your requirement is.

I’m sharing a demo link here so we can schedule the right time to discuss.

Enjoy your weekend,


YYY [Your Name]

B2B Cold Email: Template 7

Hi XXX [Name]

If you’re like most [Role], you understand how difficult it can be to [Deal with the Issue your Company Solves].

Our [Software] reduces the pressure and boosts this by [Concise Description]. Here’s what [Client] has talked about us:

[Client testimonial about the issue]

Would you like to have [Features of Product]? If yes, will you email me a convenient time to give me a call this week?


YYY [Your Name]

B2B Cold Email: Template 8

Hello XXX [Name],

I have an idea that I can share in 15 minutes that can get its further customers

I recently shared this idea (About Product/Service) to help our 100+ clients almost double their monthly run rate.

Let’s schedule a quick demo call so I can tell the idea with you. When works fit for you?

Thank You,

YYY [Your Name]

B2B Cold Email: Template 9

Hello XXX [Name], 

My name is [YYY], and I will keep this short.

I’m the founder of software that saves executives like you as many as 24 hours every week. 

Can I have 10 minutes of your comfort time this week for a detailed demo that’ll make clear why topmost companies love our software? 


YYY [Your Name].

B2B Cold Email: Template 10

Hello XXX [Name],

Recently, you’ve visited our website [Website Name] and [Took Action].

If you are really interested in [Area] then I can suggest the below extra resources:

[Resource 1]: Link 

[Resource 2]: Link

We also provide [Software Name] which can help you [Reach the Particular Output].

Will you be free for a demo call next week [Offer Possible Times] to talk about this further? 

Any help is much appreciated.  


YYY [Your Name]. 

The above B2B cold email templates will help you generate quality leads faster. It’s not just on which email hacks you use, but on how you use them. 

But, Why Do You Not Getting Conversions from Your Cold Emails?

There are four reasons for not getting conversions. And what links them all? All they are not properly targeted.
  1. The main hurdles that prevent you from getting a faster response send an email without a valid reason. Just because you got your name of the prospect, address, email, and both of you are in a similar niche, is a not fair enough reason to reach them.   
  2. The second main reason is – your cold email provides no advantages to the prospect.  
  3. You send your sales pitches to the inexact people. You don’t waste your precious time reaching people that have no say in the process of decision-making. Look for the right people whose work is related to your offer.  
  4. You send your sales pitches at the wrong time. They respond to answers to their present issues and acute suffering points.
You can handle all of those problems in one go, utilizing B2B cold email templates, powered by related sales triggers to help your: 
  • At the correct time.  
  • Reason for contact them.  
  • Focus to offer related advantages to your targeted prospect.  
  • Pick the correct person to reach out to. 

Direct Approach B2B Cold Email Templates

Referrals are an effective way to connect with valuable leads but some social media platforms like LinkedIn have made it easier to get connected with the right sales prospects. Here are some tested strategies for drafting direct approach B2B cold emails:
  • Verify your prospects before sending a direct cold email – their company details, online profiles, and check whether your offering is the correct fit.  
  • Personalize every piece of information based on the available details on those platforms.  
  • Describe how your product can assist rectify the pain points of prospects.  
  • Keep your subject line very short and specific as the receiver may not be clear on opening an email.  
  • End with a keen call-to-action button to encourage engagement. 

You can have the top 10 cold email templates, great subject lines, and tips, but still, you will be pushed with static closing rates without this one thing – ‘Research’.

Research tells you which email template to use, which subject lines will produce clicks, and what statistics, and case studies to fill your copy with.

In the tough job of B2B cold email, research is the “key”.  

Join it with the best templates we shared and you will get email campaigns to become easier.


Working the right B2B cold sales email can be difficult, but the above-listed tips and 10 email templates are a nice place to begin. Remember to keep it informative, helpful, and simple. By understanding properly what not to add in your B2B email, you will be able to reduce through the sound in the inbox of your prospects and completely stand out as a solution-based partner to their business.