Update Version 2022. | Yoroproject – Everything New in the Latest Update

Are you ready for the latest Yoroproject platform with new features, major updates and more? Here is everything you need to know.  

Yoroproject Features and Enhancements

Project Milestone

  • Project milestone feature gives a consolidated list of all milestones in different statuses and allows users to access the tasks, associated task lists, and issues.  
  • Project milestone’s view can be accessed from the kebab menu in the top right-side corner.  
  • This view shows project milestones that are assigned to user by default.
  • Yoroproject allows users to directly add new milestone from project board.
  • User can select existing milestone or else create a new milestone.
  • To create a new milestone, user has to enter Project Milestone Name, Start Date, and End Date.

Worklog Report

  • Yoroproject’s worklog reports will allow you to track the time being spent by team members easily in a given period.  

Project Portfolio Dashboard

Project Based Budget
  • Project based budget element used to estimate what the costs of the project will be each phase of the project.  
  • It will include such things as resource cost, operating costs, procurement costs, etc.
Team Based Budget
  • Yoroproject’s team-based budget feature helps project managers make resource allocation decisions. 
  • It helps to identify estimated budget, planned budget, and actual budget and plan for potential cash shortfalls.
Tabler View
  • Within Yoroproject, you can customize the layout and columns displayed in the Tabler view on your projects.
Milestone Details
  • Yoroproject allows you to view all the essential milestone details such as project name, project manager, milestone name, date, and task information. 

Budget Expense and Tracking Report for Project

  • You can control and maintain your finances by creating, tracking, and predicting budgets, tracking expenses, billing clients, and analyzing reports.

Yorodesk – Feature Update

SLA Escalation Report
  • In Yorodesk, SLA escalation report measures the percentage of time in which levels of acceptable service were maintained for the resources included in the report.  
  • Here, the Bar chart shows the count of total tickets, completed tickets, and non-completed tickets.
  • When SLA violation arise, Yorodesk automatically escalates the overdue tickets to the relevant manager.  

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