Best Scrum Planning Software

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We’re conscious that in this repetitive process needed to task with equal performance and speed from the start until the end. It is due to the fact this framework added establishing products in stages and sprints allotted for no less than two weeks. In each sprint, a selected module gets finished, which is prepared to be brought to the shippable product. This system appears fool-evidence but calls for various challenging work to attain effects.

Tools emerges as a crucial part of such works to monitor, document, calculate and carry out many different activities. We’re aware that tools make life smooth and embrace inside the scrum framework.

But, today, with the development of generation, we have no shortage of tools. But the mission is to select the proper one, a number of the many within the pool.

We can help you become aware of the proper scrum tool to continue your process of product development.

What is the Scrum Planning Software?

First, know what it is?

These are tools used to handle all four phases in product development: sprint planning, day-by-day stand-up, sprints, and retrospective. It assists tracking the problems, bugs, etc.

What Does Scrum Planning Do?

We can begin with a whiteboard, a famous scrum tool that anyone recognizes. Sure, it uses to speak about and prioritize the work, especially the product backlogs. It’s miles the best software. Likewise, sticky notes can ask the team to fill the task and paste them on the board. Those are the software that is easy to apply for small initiatives and restrained iterations.

  • Scrum tool uses to prioritize the product backlog.
  • Burndown charts use to represent the sprint visually.  
  • For scheduling functions and coordinating daily scrums.
  • It uses to handle work and task portfolio. 
  • It allows in reporting the progress and tracks the troubles. 
  • Let’s deal with risks by prioritizing them and managing the group with admiration to responsibilities and risks.
  • Maps the consumer testimonies and manages backlog. 

Here, I listed the top 5 scrum planning tools.

Top 5 Scrum Planning Software for 2023


Every agile task management company must have fingers-on revel in with the Trello device. It is easy to set up the task board, and the team will smash the venture into chunks and divide them as charts. Including or removing the team participants can occur every time, and subtask may undoubtedly introduce. The color-coding feature is the highlighting thing of Trello, which has stored the equal pace of this scrum tool for nearly a decade.

Moreover, its ease of use has allowed scrum users to rely upon it, and it’s far nothing but a virtual model of a whiteboard. That is the prevailing function of Trello, and even a conservative team manager can adapt to agile initiatives with no hesitation. And, it offers complete visibility of the scrum framework at all phases. In the years yet to come, many tools may release. Still, Trello will stand out for its flexibility and simplicity in putting in place, which can be used even via an amateur but professionally.


A small groups and individuals may utilize this scrum tool to manage responsibilities, generate reports, share files, and consist of checklists. The usage of the Gantt Charts monitors the mission schedules. The answer to this chart will permit making plans and budgeting for upcoming tasks.

It is included with Google calendar and outlook, so concerns about reminders and email come to an end. Lately, the integration with slack has made file sharing simple.  


This tool facilitates carrying out multiple responsibilities like communicating, handling tasks, participating online, accomplishing conferences, and many others. It is web-based tool that handles video conferencing, coping with obligations, sharing the display, and documenting in real time.

The task board will allow customers to set target, make a to-do list, check progress, and confirm work carried out. Similarly, it is feasible to schedule a call to connect with clients. Remote teams also, can perform efficiently with Samepage, and scrum tool can deliver all stakeholders to one web page all through the discussions to keep away from any remodel. Ultimately, this can also make document synchronization viable, making all of the documents accrued in a single place.

In short, Samepage is becoming a famous scrum planning system as it integrates conversation, challenge management, productiveness tracking, and file-sharing tools altogether. Yes, you don’t need a zoom, Asana, Wrike, or Dropbox individually but just set up Samepage to do all of the tasks in a single go.


Yoroflow is the well-known scrum planning software used for quite some time and periodically adds tasks to its listing. Presently, it permits the team to be aware of delivery by providing custom-designed scrum board. Kanban boards allow non-stop transport and limit the cycle time. Make clean roadmaps to provide readability to the entire crew. The team can get admission to reviews in one click and join issues with codes and fix them.  

Automating Yoroflow is the trending feature that saves time and permits integration in a single click. In a nutshell, making plans, tracking, and releasing can happen with this tool that made it very famous among scrum customers.  


It’s far a collaborative tool used to communicate and manage initiatives at small and big corporations. It is effective tool and allows dealing with messages, emails, obligations, and documents in one place. It is available on mobile devices and computers. You may avail of this free and get started with 12 users earlier than you decide to purchase one.

Messages right away or even share your calendars using this scrum tool. Create sales funnel, send bulk emails, share documents, generate CRM reviews. CRM integration will let you centralize the details, inputs, and sports altogether. Communique is secure, and the facts protection stays intact.


Even if you opt for scrum planning software other than the five listed inside the above post, you can do it by thinking about the following points. Ensure that the tool matches your task need, cost-effective, with multiplied functions that will help you effectively gain every goal of the sprint.