9 Essential Features in SMS Marketing Automation Platform

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing includes SMS text message services to send promotional-related messages and permission-oriented advertising to the potential users of a service or product.

It can be utilized commonly as the marketing channel that allows businesses to interact directly with the prospect. This type of communication could differ from the promotional-based messages and the product launch announcements to offers and sales.

Benefits of SMS Marketing Software

By utilizing mobile phones, one could think of pushing a single or fewer SMS messages. But, while it includes sending a message to thousands of previous or potential users, the desired mobile phone could cease quickly to be the practical choice.

Hence, while the organization requires to send the marketing message in bulk, it could not do it manually due to obvious reasons. It is where the SMS marketing software could enter to utilize the specific event planning template. The consumer must log on to the online site or apps. It facilitates to get more conversions and contact entry in a higher number. It allows the consumer to frame the messages and send them out, and then it could analyze the outcomes.

9 Essential Features in SMS Marketing Automation

The SMS marketing automation software automatically personalizes the text-oriented messages by replacing tags in the message template or event planning template for event planners with actual data for every individual recipient.
Bulk or Huge Delivery

The communication requirements of a brand are different, and the SMS marketing software can make it possible to schedule and create the campaigns in bulk.

Scheduling Mobile Messages
SMS marketing automation software allows scheduling the messages via event planning template for a particular time depending on its text or content. In this case, one can select the choices such as time, date, distributed sends to the group, or it spreads to send over a specific duration of time.
Upload and Maintain Contacts

SMS marketing software makes it easier to upload and maintain contacts. The contacts have grouped corresponding to a specific feature, a parameter that comes in handy while executing campaigns.

Campaign Analytics
Marketing and sales tools could throw up a brief document that will guide to track the overall marketing and sales campaign performance.
The event planning template makes the execution and creation of consumer surveys a simple task, and it allows easier export for all the collected responses and data.
Dynamic routing

Because of longer journeys, there might be a delay due to busier telecommunication networks. Hence, it is important that the SMS marketing software can provide dynamic routing for faster deliveries.

Two-way Messaging

SMS marketing solution helps to find the bracketed message could reply into the different conversation which will be tinning to the user’s CRM entries.

Picture Messaging
Marketing automation tool comes with MMS feature to the messages that make a multimedia message probable, and it allows the usage of audio, photos, and video recordings.

Yoroflow Helps in Expanding Your SMS Marketing ROI

As in any other marketing-related process, the SMS marketing ROI has been calculated by stacking a cost against the generated revenue. Yoroflow SMS marketing and sales templates allows you to offer a flexible environment of selecting particular metrics depending on the outcomes which you require to measure.

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