Top 10 Organization Apps Worth Exploring in 2024 

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In crafting this blog post, I conducted trials on the complimentary versions of premier organizational software. The outcome is a compilation of the top 10 applications worth exploring in 2024. 

Every app in this roster caters to distinct facets of organization. I will elucidate the primary strengths of each app and demonstrate how their unique features can enhance your life organization, and ultimately boost productivity. 

This compilation encompasses apps adept at managing both personal and professional tasks. Additionally, a brief guide is included to aid you in selecting the most suitable organizational software tailored to your specific requirements. 

Continue reading for valuable insights! 

Top 10 Organization Apps

Yoroproject — Optimal for Diverse To-Do Lists

Upon downloading Yoroproject, its popularity became evident, primarily due to its user-friendly interface. Navigating the app is remarkably simple, offering a Board overview for all tasks and distinct sections for Today and Upcoming tasks. 

Yoroproject prioritizes simplicity, focusing on essential features like task descriptions, subtasks, priorities, and labels. The app also incorporates project tracking with Board and List views, along with templates. While suitable for everyday tasks and to-do lists, for complex projects, dedicated project management software might be more appropriate. 

New features announced in October 2023 include faster loading, smoother scrolling, always-visible completed tasks, and a theme redesign for easy project layout switching. 

Available for: Android and iOS 

Yoroproject’s Plans:

Apple Reminders — Ideal for Setting Reminders

Reminders is a straightforward app with an integrated alarm system. Beyond being a to-do list, it serves as a checklist with a minimalist design. Suitable for work tasks, it allows detailed task information, including date, time, link, and tags. iCloud integration enables access across all Apple devices. 

New features with iOS 17 and MacOS Sonoma include an “early reminder” option and task organization into sections. 

Available for: Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Mac 

Pricing: Free 

Plaky – Streamlining Project Organization in Table View

Plaky is a comprehensive project management tool designed for better organization, especially beneficial for small businesses. Offering real-time access to vital project information in a customizable table view, Plaky supports efficient project organization. 

Plaky’s free plan includes unlimited users, project boards, and up to 6 fields per board. Recent updates (May 2023) allow changing field types without data loss and exporting boards in CSV format. 

Available for: Web, iOS, Android 

Plaky’s Plans: 

  • Free Plan ($0) 
  • Pro ($3.99 per user seat/month, billed annually) 
  • Enterprise ($8.99 per user seat/month, billed annually) 

Trello – Effortless Task Organization in Kanban Style

Renowned for Kanban-based task management, Trello organizes projects into boards, lists, and cards. It facilitates easy navigation and allows customization, including descriptions, labels, dates, and attachments. 

April 2023 updates enable authorized users to manage storage for disabled Power-Ups. Trello’s plans cater to various needs, from the free plan to enterprise solutions. 

Available for: Web, macOS, Windows, iOS, Android 

Trello’s Plans:

  • Free Plan ($0) 
  • Standard ($5 per user/month, billed annually) 
  • Premium ($10 per user/month, billed annually) 
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing) 

Calendly — Efficient Scheduling of Business Meetings

Calendly simplifies scheduling with an online calendar linked to Google Calendar. Users can add different event types, access schedules, and adjust availability. The app prevents double bookings and integrates with video conference services. 

Mid-December 2023 updates include a new sidebar, event types, and availability settings. 

Available for: Web, iOS, Android 

Calendly’s Plans:

  • Free Plan ($0) 
  • Standard ($10/seat/month) 
  • Teams ($16/seat/month) 
  • Enterprise (Custom pricing) 

Google Calendar — Streamlining Event Tracking in Calendar View

Ideal for those preferring a calendar view, Google Calendar allows easy task and event entry, with options for month, week, and day views. Events from Gmail are automatically added, and users can create multiple calendars for better task separation. 

October 2023 updates introduce appointment scheduling features. 

Available for: Web, Android, iPhone, iPad, Wear OS 

Pricing: Free

Google Keep – Lightweight Task Management

Google Keep offers a visually appealing interface for note-taking in various forms, including checklists, audio notes, images, and drawings. It allows users to set reminders and collaborate on notes in real-time. 

August 2023 updates include text formatting options and version history. 

Available for: Android, iOS, Web 

Pricing: Free

Evernote — Robust Work-Related Note Handling

Evernote is ideal for handling work-related notes, supporting various note types. Users can organize notes into sections called “notebooks.” The app, available across multiple platforms, includes offline note creation and PDF export. 

Recent announcements include an improved UI, collapsible sidebar, and “Spaces” in Evernote Business. 

Available for: Web, Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android 

Evernote’s Plans:

  • Free Plan ($0) 
  • Personal ($14.99/month) 
  • Professional ($17.99/month, paid monthly) 

Clockify – Efficient Time Tracking for Better Organization

Clockify aids users in gaining a better overview of their time by offering both timer-based and manual time tracking. Users can categorize activities into projects and utilize dashboard and reports features for in-depth time analysis. 

October 2023 updates include a timer to task list view on ClickUp integration. 

Available for: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS 

Clockify’s Plans:

  • Free Plan ($0) 
  • Basic ($3.99 per user/month, billed annually) 
  • Standard ($5.49 per user/month, billed annually) 
  • Pro ($7.99 per user/month, billed annually) 
  • Enterprise ($11.99 per user/month, billed annually) 

Pocket – Effortlessly Organize Read-It-Later Lists

Pocket allows users to save articles or videos for later viewing. The user-friendly interface includes features like filtering content by categories. Recent updates (May 2023) bring a new mobile and web experience, including a feature called “Lists” for improved content organization. 

Available for: Web, iOS, Android, Mac 

Pocket’s Plans:

  • Free Plan ($0) 
  • Premium ($5/month or $45/year) 

Find the perfect organization app for you

In this blog post, I’ve explored the top-notch free organization apps that can significantly enhance your productivity in the year 2024. 

After experimenting with each of these applications, I was genuinely amazed by the diverse range of functionalities they offer. They span from straightforward to-do lists to more intricate project management features. 

While each tool excels in its unique organizational aspects, my ultimate recommendation is to experiment with multiple tools and pinpoint the one that aligns best with your preferences and requirements. 

Various tools specialize in distinct organizational facets—some excel in scheduling, others in note-taking or task tracking. Yoroproject emerges as an exceptional all-in-one organizational tool, boasting a wealth of practical features. What sets it apart is not just its functionality but also its user-friendly nature, making it suitable for diverse organizational needs.  

Take the plunge, sign up for Yoroproject, and experience its capabilities firsthand at no cost.