How to Build a Workflow from Scratch in Yoroflow?

Architecture has come a long way in just a few decades, with people now transitioning from a manual process to working on digital platforms that utilize web services, cloud computing and software such as Yoroflow. One of the most common tasks businesses have to deal with is workflow management – but for some, this can seem like a daunting process. 

Build Workflow using Yoroflow

In Yoroflow’s workflow automation software, it’s quite easy! 

Let’s see,

Workflow controls used in Yoroflow’s Workflow automation software

There are plenty of ways to build a workflow on Yoroflow – this article will show you how to create a basic workflow using the Yoroflow’s workflow controls. 

You can create a new workflow from scratch. Also, there are ready-made workflows with its categories such as HR, Sales, Marketing, Start-ups, Integration, Work from Home, Project Management, and Software Development that are shown in the below screen. 

Start customizing your workflow based on your needs once you have selected a required template you want. 

Yoroflow requires a workflow to automate tasks and make life easier for their team. This section will show you how to create a workflow from scratch in Yoroflow using the controls provided.

Steps to create a workflow in Yoroflow

Step 1: Create New Workflow
Creating a workflow from scratch can be helpful for organizing and tracking tasks. Here, we will show you how to create a basic workflow in our workflow automation tool. 

To get started, navigate to Yoroflow’s “Workflows” section and click on the “Create Workflow” button. 

Next, enter a name for your workflow and select the appropriate category (for example, “Sales”).

Next, select the type of workflow you would like to create (for example, “Tasks”).

Then, add workflow name and key and filling out the necessary fields. For example, you can add a user permission, variables, etc.

Finally, add any notes or instructions related to your task and click on the “Save” button. 

Step 2: Create Workflow Forms
There is a Create Workflow Forms option available in Yoroflow. Workflow owner can select any controls from the Control list (Input Field, Button, Grid List, Divider, File Upload, Hyperlink, Hidden Control, Table, Extract as PDF, Tabbed Menu, Image, and Security Control) while creating a new form. 

At last, enter the Page Name to save a specific Form. 

Step 3: Workflow Form List

Using Yoroflow’s workflow form list, you can view all the list of workflow forms along with the Form Name, Form Version, Application Name, etc., 

Step 4: Report Configuration
Workflow owner can view all the workflow reports by selecting the Report Configuration option to create a report by giving the report name, report type, workflow, task. 
Step 5: Workflow Applications

Yoroflow’s Workflow Applications helps you to view all available workflows assigned to you and publish or launch any application to perform your tasks.  

Workflow owner can view the following workflows in detail: 

  • Manual workflows 
  • Schedule workflows 
  • Web Service workflows 
Step 6: Workflow Dashboard

There is a Dashboard option available in Workflow tab. In this workflow dashboard, Workflow owner can view the In Process Task, Completed Tasks, and Error Tasks count.

  • In process task – ‘In Processes Tasks’ category helps you to view Process Definition Name, Start Date, Last Updated Date, Start By, and Last Updated By details of all your running processes. 
  • Completed task – ‘Completed Tasks’ category helps you to view Process Definition Name, Start Date, End Date, and Total Time Taken details of all your completed processes. 
  • Error task – ‘Error Tasks’ category helps you to view Process Definition Name, Task Name, Version, Start Time, Last Updated Time, End Description of all your failed processes. 

Publish and Launch Workflows

  • The completed workflow which comes under Publish category. All the completed workflows that are denoted as blue color code. 
  • The workflow which is ready to execute is listed under Launch category that is denoted as green color code.  

Edit or Pin Workflows

Use “Edit” icon to edit the workflow application or use “Pin” icon to pin or unpin the workflow application. This feature comes in each workflow application separately. 

If you are new to Yoroflow, or just starting to use our workflow automation software, then it is important to create a workflow. A workflow is a set of procedures that you follow in order to maintain your work. This can be anything from filing documents, keeping track of deadlines and meeting commitments, or simply working on a project in stages (using our milestones). 

If you have any questions or suggestions about our workflow automation tool, please don’t hesitate to let us know also watch this video tutorial to learn more on workflow creation.  


If you’re interested in creating a workflow from scratch in Yoroflow, this guide will walk you through the basics. By following these steps, your workflow creation will be better organized and easier to manage. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to make some changes to your existing approach, this guide is for you. Thanks for reading!