The Pros and Cons of an IT Support Ticketing System

The customer is the center of every business. You serve the customers’ needs – to help them resolve a problem with the best solution. Now, as the other side of the coin, you also have to deal with customer complaints at some point in your business.

The best way to do so is to have a proper helpdesk system in place and automate your customer queries so that it gets delegated to the concerned rep and will be directed towards a quick resolution. It may make your customer delighted! The better you tackle it, the best you will be.
So, what is the best method to ensure you get the best result? Well, if you are running a very small company with the least number of customers, a ticketing system may not be affordable or necessary. You can have a support email address displayed on your website and other communication channels so that customers can contact you directly.

But as you grow, your service staff may not be able to give solutions every time manually. That’s why you must rely on a support system for efficient usage.

Let’s take a look into what this Support system is!

What is an IT Ticketing System?

A Helpdesk system is meant to give your business hype regarding better customer service. It helps you manage them efficiently with the help of tickets, and you can view the overdue tickets, prioritization, and data logs with attractive insights.

It helps you route your incoming queries and delegate them to the concerned reps with automated workflows. The waiting time for issue resolution can be reduced to a large extent with this. It is also an excellent platform for you to collect feedback from the client after the issue is resolved.

If used correctly, it’s an efficient tool for you to experience new levels of customer service.

What are the Pros of an IT Support System

Better clarity on Customer queries

A good support system gives you an excellent token of complete customer interactions and would act as a good way of taking ownership and responsibility of the concerned service rep. It helps you identify and prioritize your tickets to resolve the issues more aptly. Easy categorization of access is also possible, which would help you configure the workflow accordingly.

Good Record of Tickets

With a good ticketing system, it is easy to store the customer query details, its status, and the tenure to complete it. It also helps you identify the channel or source the customer has reached out to you for issues or complaints. It is also better to assist in getting the problems resolved on time.

Good means of communication

Support tickets are a great source for you to communicate with your customers in the best way to understand their problems and resolve them effectively. It also gives your customers a tentative timeline for you to expect the resolution.

Reduce Tickets with a Knowledge Base

Convert your frequently asked questions into documents that can help you with quick resolution. Or every ticket being raised can be checked for the severity and, if possible, try to share the knowledge repository, which would help the client solve the same. By doing so, you can save time and avoid unnecessary tickets. Better productivity and quick response time will take you a long way ahead.

Harness the power of Automation

Most of the manual tasks can be automated. With this, you can easily resolve customer issues. The proximity of human errors can be reduced at large.

Measure the Performance and Track Results

Helpdesk software is meant for you to treat your employees and their issues in the best way. You can improve only when you can track the numbers. It may be in terms of how many tickets are encountered in the system, the status, criticality, and the resolution time taken for each.

What are some of the important metrics to look at:

  • Average first response time 
  • Ticket backlogs 
  • Resolution time and more.

Cons of an IT Support System

There are no major cons to implementing a helpdesk system for your business. But, some of the quick things that you can be well aware of include the following:

The Learning Curve for your Service Reps to get used to the system

Every time you implement a system for your business, it is obvious that you have to get your staff onboard it. Because proper training is required for that, and the more you get trained, the more delicate the system and its benefits will be for your business.

Be ready to bear the costs

You must be able to bear the costs that would be needed to implement a good system in place to deal with your customer tickets.

So, What’s the Best Option?

Wherever there are pros, there are cons associated with it! But how well you utilize the system best gets you the most out of it. Yorodesk is a reliable helpdesk ticketing system that would help you deal with customer queries effectively and make the most out of it for your business.

What would you enjoy:

  • Multi-channel accessibility 
  • Good issue resolution time 
  • Best customer retention 
  • Better Feedback system 
  • Best cost ticketing system
If you are ready to explore how it can be useful for you, it’s time to Get a Free Demo!