Top 4 Jira Alternatives for Agile Project Management

Top 4 Jira Alternatives

Jira is the power-packed solution. It seems like the right project management tool for your business, but you understand that the software is too difficult for your projects and teams. The platform simplifies communication for your team and enables you to establish a fully customized solution that works the way you aim exactly.  

While using Jira, users are mostly confused and have found that the tool interface becomes clunky. SME’s also have challenges with JIRA’s pricing plans. It makes them look for the right Jira alternative

Find out which of the best Jira alternatives suits your requirements.

Top 4 Jira Alternatives


Wrike is one among Jira alternatives on the list. It is web-based project management and collaboration tool that scales across groups in business. Whether you are looking for the best alternative to Jira to ease planning better collaboration among the team, Wrike is all you need to finish your projects in one place. Moreover, it is customizable enough for every person on the project to see the clear picture easily and get the thing done.  


  • Centralize interaction with team  
  • View real-time reports and status for your projects 
  • Tag videos and images to give specific feedback 
  • Schedule notifications, and share interactive reports daily 
  • Discuss task details with the full work context 

Asana is another popular alternative to Jira teams to stay focused on the tasks, projects, and goals that develop business. Whether it is about staying on track, getting organized, or hitting due dates, it can do everything for you. In Asana, you can monitor the project status in real-time to keep strategic plans on track and report on progress easily. It lets you plan and organize workflows, tasks, and more to keep up everything well.


  • Offers 120+ integrations 
  • Make visual task plans to see how each step maps out over time 
  • Set deadlines priorities and, assign work, and share details in a single place 
  • Address project risks and report to teams 

Yoroflow is a simple and powerful Jira alternative with powerful features such as Kanban boards, time-tracking, roadmap planning so that you can stay focused on projects that help your business develops. It lets you break your goals into an actionable plan to visualize them into proper roadmaps that you will love easily.  


  • Break down the project plan into your tasks 
  • Manage all your files, conversations, and checklists in a single place 
  • Detect the bottlenecks promptly 
  • Prioritize smartly using Value Matrix 
  • Make accurate and comprehensive timelines 
  • Highlight the most important projects/tasks 
  • Visualize custom workflows using boards 

nTask is a free project management software intelligent teams are to do more. An online task management platform gives each tool you want to plan. nTask is quite strong as a meeting management software also. Whether you are an executive, professional, or student, nTask works well as per your requirements. Thus, nTask grows as a right alternative to Jira without having to sacrifice perfect design and responsiveness.  


  • Share details and checklists with third parties through public links 
  • Monitor time and effort spent on tasks for every team through timesheets 
  • Leverage Gantt charts for a detailed view of your project plan 
  • Assess risks through risk matrix and pie charts 


I’ve made all the effort for you by shortlisting the right Jira alternatives available in the current market. All you should now do is analyzed needs and choose the one that suits them. As you can see, there are so many options that provide a free trial. So, you can take them for a quick spin before moving to their paid versions.  

Best of luck!