What Is Sales Marketing Automation? How Do You Automate?

The sales funnel called the sales process involves tracking customer relationships from starting to end. Lots of steps can be time-consuming. Moreover, it involves more data input and analysis.

Smarter technology and tools like CRM automation software, many types of this process can be automated, thus saving all your resources and valuable time.

Below are a definition of sales marketing automation and a few tips on how you can automate different aspects of the sales process and the extra advantages of doing so.

What is Sales Marketing Automation?

Sales marketing automation is a powerful combination of sales and marketing automation tools that run-in tandem with one another for nurturing leads and then closing on them.

Reasons to Automate the Sales Process

The process of sales can feel never-stopping with all the follow-ups needed. Automating the sales process has to be a vital part of your business, as the below perks have a positive effect distinctly.

  • Saves Time – Sales reps have to spend their time on building associations, nurturing leads – not entering data manually on performing heavy administrative tasks.    
  • Avoids Human Mistakes – As humans, making errors is bound to occur. Unfortunately, sometimes what looks like minimal error can result in a business losing many dollars. Marketing automation platforms can avoid mistakes sales executives may create when entering leads into CRM.  
  • Increases Efficiency – Every minute counts in a world where we should work easy, not tough, to thrive. If sales executives spend hours a day on difficult tasks like creating reports manually, developing status updates, they don’t work efficiently. Sales automation tool helps sales rep better lead their teams and assist them in better managing their time.

Tips for Automating Your Sales Process

Some of the tasks that want to be finished throughout the sales process consume valuable time. Consider the below list of top tips for automating your sales process to get some of that time back.

  • Use Email Templates – Sales consultants send more emails. The usage of email templates can take the human mistakes out of crafting some emails from scratch like introduction, and follow up, etc. Get the attention of your quality leads and save time with a personalized template that can be reused easily.  
  • Schedule Appointments – Marketing automation software offers the features and functionality to schedule appointments easily by offering leads with a list of available times and dates.  
  • Leave a Voicemail – There are lots of sales marketing automation software available that permits users to make a library of custom voicemail messages that sales executives can set into their pre-recorded voicemail with just a click.  
  • Electronic Log Call Outcomes – Stop taking notes and put away a yellow notepad. Instead, utilize a marketing automation tool that keeps correct call outcomes records.  
  • Merge Leads with Sales Executives – Consider using a sales automation tool that routes emails automatically and inbound calls to the concerned representatives, if you are emailing leads manually to your sales department on a round-robin basis as they contact in from chat or call.  
  • Make Lists Easily – Avoid doing Google searches to make your lists. Sales automation solution makes list-building simple by permitting you to search out the quality leads for your business by types such as company size, an industry that can be exported and loaded easily into your CRM.   
  • Build Presentation Templates – Your sales and marketing team make multiple templates for every organization you serve for your sales department to edit and use easily as part of their presentations.  

Now you have a clear vision of how to automate your sales process for your business. 


Use the right automation tool to help you save time in your sales process. However, be smart when executing automation into your practices. You automate a sales process anytime, ensure to keep your eye on how easy your system runs.

Errors do occur and if you allow unwanted errors like using the wrong lead name or wrong follow-up message to pass by you, it might devastate your credibility with a buyer. Also, you need to be aware that your associations with leads and prospects are not seeming digitized. If it is clear, you are responding properly to a contact’s concerns or the process has been automated, they may lose trust in your sales and marketing process. 

Instead, utilize sales automation to add-ons your current system and processes. Automation has to boost what you do and make your work easier.

Search for ways to add automation in your entire sales process, begin with how you get and know your leads, then how you connect with them through calls, meetings, or emails.

In the end, use powerful automation processes in lead prioritization and scoring to connect with the correct prospects at the correct time. These tips are just to begin all the ways you can use sales automation. As you start to execute many automation tools into your process, you can identify new methods to help you and your sales department where you want help the most.