Top Features of Yorodesk Help Desk Software

Gone were the days when customer support was just seen as an option. Today, it is an inevitable part of every business. Your customers are the core of your business, and supporting them matters the most.

They cannot wait for a long time – if you do not take care of your customers, your competitors will! That is why businesses should consider opting for reliable helpdesk software. It is quite common that humans may satisfy the customers of a bot – but what if it takes a lot of time than expected to respond?

The best option is to utilize help desk software for your business better.

Let’s dive deeper into the most reliable helpdesk software, Yorodesk.

If you are looking to deliver outstanding customer support, this is all you need! Connect with your customers on every channel possible and, above all, automate your customer support for efficient service.

What is Yorosdesk?

It is a help desk software that helps you with multiple benefits for your business. The latest technology applications and better customer services help you elevate your business with ease.

What are some of the key features of Yorodesk?

Every help desk software is enriched with its unique features and benefits. The core focus of the tool is to deal with the customer service department on rendering the best support possible. Resolving customer tickets easily is the major eye-catchy feature for any help desk.

Let us see some of the highlighted features you can find in Yorodesk!

Smart Ticketing System
Tickets are a crucial part of customer service. How soon you deal with them defines the best and most reliable support service you have. It is directly dependent on the ticketing system that you rely on.
With Yorodesk, it is easy for you to boost your productivity and save more time!

You can easily manage your support tickets in one place.

Wondering how you can deal with a customer ticket? Please create your own rules on how you want them to be dealt with.

Rule-based system

Create dynamic rules to allocate the support ticket to the exact agent.

You can create rules based on two factors :

  • Queues 
  • Tags

You can define the number of tickets that needs to be allocated to your customer per day.

Field Service

Are you an on-field employee?

Then you will know how difficult it is to deal with customer service.

With Yorodesk, you need not worry!

  • Field staff gets greater flexibility to access the tasks anytime, anywhere 
  • All the field service updates will be consolidated to a single dashboard for a better review
  • It helps you with a reliable support service.
Customer Support Management

Customers are the core of any business, and maintaining a good base is crucial. By treating them well, you get increased customer retention that helps you perform upselling in due course of time.

  • Standardize your customer support with the appropriate customer journey management 
  • Resolve and reduce the tickets with ease. 
  • Evaluate your customer service activities and make insights helpful for decision making

Helps you deal with the escalations

  • Escalations are to be resolved as quickly as possible. When you receive any tickets related to escalations, it helps you resolve them based on the predefined rules.
  • Automated task management is a boon for businesses. That helps you deal with the tasks easily. 
  • Assign the tasks to respective agents
Omni-channel Support

Worried with customers communicating to you via different channels? Thinking of consolidating it to a single system to resolve them quickly?

Then, that is what Yorodesk is meant for! Now you can check all the tickets encountered in different mediums, prioritize them, and assign and track the progress. By doing so, your agents get a transparent channel to communicate and stay on track!

Above all, it also helps you stay online for 24/7 support, which is crucial for businesses delivering beyond geographies.

Support would be offered via:

  • Email 
  • Call
  • Chat 
  • Social media 
  • Forms
SLA Management

How important is SLA for your business?

Quite simple, as long as your customers are happy and issues are resolved within the timeline, SLAs would not play a major role. However, imagine the other way round – where you cannot give the solution within the deadline. Then SLA is what matters for the business.

Manually crafting and adhering to SLA would be daunting. Helpdesk software would be predefined to work based on the SLA, which defines the timeline for every task to be prioritized and executed accordingly.
With Yorodesk software, better customer service is on its way for you!
Social media Customer Service
Is your business catering to target groups active in social media? Did you know that social media is a powerful platform that can make or break a deal? People engaging on social media are courteous to make things vital.

You need to integrate social channels and monitor them for any customer tickets being uploaded regularly. Support tickets are quite common via social channels. Hence keep an eye on different channels where your business is present, integrate all of them under a single roof, and start monitoring today!

Easy Integration
Are you looking for help desk software that goes well with your existing system? Then all you have to do is integrate it seamlessly and enjoy the benefits. You do not have to shuffle between the windows anymore.

Self-service is important, and building a community for your brand is even more important. That is why, with Yorodesk. We also help you with a wide array of knowledge that you can utilize to develop the FAQs as raised by your prospects to refer them to your future audience.

It can even be a combination of knowledgeable guides, how-to-articles, frequently asked questions, answers, etc. You can easily refer to them whenever you encounter customer tickets relating to that.
Multi-language platform

This is important when you deal with international customers with different languages. It is upto the customer to publish the resources and tickets in the local language. With the automated translation system, it becomes easy for the end-user to understand better the context referred by the customer. With customers at the core, we make it easy for them to communicate in the best way possible.

Easy collaboration
With remote or hybrid being the new workspace era, communication must be transparent. Only then can every individual collaborate easily on the concerned tasks. With reliable help desk software like Yorodesk, at any given point in time, one can easily identify and understand the status of the service ticket and the stakeholder dealing with the same.
Logged activities

Every activity performed will be logged for a specific period. Regular backups are to be taken periodically; These logs will help you understand the tickets encountered, services they belong to, the stakeholder or the agent responsible for that, the timeline and the status, and more. It would be helpful for future references.

Happy with the features listed for the world’s most reliable HelpDesk Software?
The list is not yet over! We have many more exciting features for the updated version, which will be released soon! We will update it then!
If you would love to enjoy the best-featured ticketing system for top-class customer service,  Time is NOW!

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