Automate Workflow Approval Process

Businesses have different categories of the approval process that needs review and sign-off. Yoroflow eases the formalization of the approval process by automating the sequence of operation from submission, in progress, routing to various process/approvers, approval/rejection, review feedback of processes with integrated alerts and chat notifications. Consistency: You can define standard process across the organization and every process will follow the consistent approval process Improve Efficiency: By automating approval workflow you will eliminate manual process that is prone to errors and hence improves efficiency for the business Approval Follow-up: Instead of Manual follow-up for any of the approval workflow, you can automate follow-up based on decision/action taken for the workflow process and can integrate the follow up with fixed/variable intervals with automated notification Improve Accountability: Every approval process helps you to track the changes and actions at every stage of the process. Yoroflow records revisions at every stage of the process which improves the accountability Improve Transparency: Since the process are automated and the approval process is configured for the business needs, there is less subjective decision making and top-down control With YoroFlow workflow automation, you can quickly create your approval workflow and tailor your process based on the business needs. Yoroflow will guide through the whole process of automating the workflow,
  • Creation of the submission form through form builder feature
  • Customize routing to approvers, department, or another team reviewer
  • Setting up the decision, approval task based on the company guidelines
  • Perform multilevel process execution with sequential and parallel execution.
  • Due dates can be set for the reviewers for each of the tasks
  • Set automated alerts and reminders for any part of the process

Benefits of Approval Workflow Software

Automated Approval Routing – Workflow software cuts out the spreadsheets, paper forms, and impossible to make sense of Email threads. It will route the request for approval automatically and collect all needed approval details. No More Guesswork – Approval workflow puts critical visibility into your companies spend. Anyone can know the status of all requisitions and compile data into custom reports. Out-of-Office Delegation – Approval workflow software ensures there are any gaps in the workflow process. It offers you the ability to assign an out-of-office delegate to oversee all approvals.
How Can Yoroflow Help?
Yoroflow’s approval workflow automation software will help you cut out repetitive manual tasks, streamline purchasing, data collection, and reporting. Approval workflow software is about finding your exact balance between control and efficiency. Approval workflow solution is built around a flexible, robust routing engine that can adapt to suit almost any requirement, while still being simple to use and setup. It helps to obtain a measurable outcome from an idea to reality. Would you like to look deeper into powerful approval workflow automation software? Schedule a Yoroflow quick demo to know how automation software can boost your control, efficiency, and control.