Why is Yoroflow the right-fit workflow automation software?

The Right-Fit Workflow Automation Software

Businesses across the world run on a variety of processes. Right from interviewing candidates for a new vacancy to onboarding them to product teams, each company follows its unique process. These business operations are sometimes simple and straightforward or otherwise complex and intricate. No matter the size of such processes, they all involve manual tasks like overseeing, follow-ups, and approvals. A quick look around our workplace will reveal the amount of time we spend on manual chores.

A simple timesheet filing process might require clarifications with our peers, access permissions from our leads, approval from our managers, and much more manual effort. The actual time taken to fill the timesheet would have been lesser than all the manual work involved in it. To top this, manual processes are time-consuming and expensive too. Unanswered email threads, phone tags, and missed chats push back the work item’s priority and abandon certain tasks unfinished. If we observe the processes that move through more than one team, the manual time spent on each task exponentiates drastically. 

To overcome such challenges and improve the way our organizations work, experts recommend the usage of workflow automation software. No code application builder helps companies automate a repeatable pattern of work where mundane manual tasks are automated by business applications. Workflow automation software ensures: 

If you are looking to achieve all such goals, your one-stop destination is Yoroflow. Yoroflow is a web-based, intuitive, no-code workflow automation software that hosts high-end features to help you achieve your process automation goals. From simple requirements to complex behavior, you can automate almost any process using Yoroflow’s easy to use interface. Adding icing to the cake, you don’t have to be a developer with coding knowledge to automate workflows. Any novice user will be able to configure complete workflows and automate them using Yoroflow. Yoroflow is packed with exclusive features to make your automation journey a breeze. Let us take a look at some of the features offered by Yoroflow. 

Let’s take glance at below,

  • Intuitive Workflow Designer
  • Workflow Versioning
  • Drag and Drop
  • Form Builder
  • Form Attributes
  • Task Management
  • Automated Assignment
  • Role-based Task Assignment
  • Access Controls
  • Live Chat
  • Alerts
  • All in one Dashboard
  • Integrations
  • Reporting Insights
  • Data Model Designer
  • Security
  • Yoroflow Support
Intuitive Workflow Designer

Yoroflow provides you a web-based workflow designer where you can just drag and drop elements to automate your workflow. Various types of tasks like user task, approval task, decision task, web service task, email task, DB task, and compute tasks can be automated using Yoroflow. Apart from tasks, decision tables, delay timers, and call workflows are also supported.

Workflow Versioning

Yoroflow allows you to make continuous modifications to your workflows. Every such modification is saved as a unique version. You can refer your previous versions or revert back to them as and when required.

Drag and Drop Form Builder
Yoroflow has made form designing a breeze using a simple drag and drop interface. Using Yoroflow, you can design forms to record user inputs and work on them in the tasks. We support different types of form attributes that help you build the form. You can also create multiple rows, columns, and sections using Yoroflow’s forms.
Form Attributes

Yoroflow’s forms support different attributes.

Apart from these attributes, we also support date, chip, divider, auto complete, and so on.

Task Management

Yoroflow allows you to view all the user task details in a single page. It holds an array of important information like due date, initial values, reminders, status of the workflow, and so on. You can assign each task manually to individual users, a group of users, users with specific roles, or route them automatically to different employees to allot responsibility. 

You can also decide the users who can view and perform actions on a task by assigning them privileges in access control.

Automated Assignment
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Role-based Task Assignment

Apart from assigning tasks to individual users and user groups, you can also assign tasks to users with specific roles assigned to them. We call this type of assignment as role-based task assignment in Yoroflow. This helps in mapping new tasks to employees with relevant roles, not having to worry about the visibility and control of data.

Access Controls

User activities and privileges can be managed via access controls by defining who can view, access, edit, or approve tasks created in Yoroflow. Access controls help you define your organization’s hierarchy by allowing only specific employees with lead or manager profiles to view and access each module. This helps organizations maintain data privacy and restrict employees from accessing the confidential data of customers.

Live Chat
You can chat with your peers about the workflows taking place in your organization right from the workflow automation software using our live chat feature. This facilitates the communication between individual users and different teams in your organization and improves collaboration.

Notifications help everyone in the organization stay informed of the updates taking place. Yoroflow allows every user to stay on track by sending alerts and notifications whenever an action takes place in the organization. You can also manage the alerts you receive from Yoroflow.

All in one Dashboard

Our dashboard allows you to gain a complete overview of the work updates in your organization and follow-up new updates being performed each day. Your companies activities can be viewed under one umbrella using powerful dashboards in Yoroflow. It also helps you ensure that the tasks and SLAs are met on time.

Yoroflow allows you to integrate with third-party web applications to improve flexibility and increase employee productivity in your company. Integrating Yoroflow with other web applications allows you to access the application’s APIs and other data, thus leveraging your existing process. The data obtained can also be used while building forms and workflows using Yoroflow.
Reporting Insights

Reports allow you to take a step back and analyze the work pattern of your organization. Yoroflow’s reports evaluate different aspects of your team’s progress and allows you to track blockages and pitfalls. It also helps you analyze your company’s future performance, understand the data, and act based on insights. You can also create your own custom reports using our workflow automation software and empty search and filter functions in them.

Workflows created using Yoroflow can be triggered with REST-based web service calls. This allows you to start the execution of a workflow and manage them using external triggers. As the workflow is started by API calls, no manual intervention is required, turning the whole process completely automated.
Data Model Designer

Yoroflow allows you to model your own Database right inside the custom application. The DB values can then be viewed, edited, accessed, or shared for reference. Data model designer can be used to store unstructured data in an organized manner and thereby use the available data. 


Information security is Yoroflow’s at most priority. We perform regular updates to ensure that our user data is safe and protected. All the information in Yoroflow, including workflow, form, and data is monitored and audited regularly. Yoroflow never compromises any user’s private data and prioritizes a secure user experience.

Yoroflow Support

Yoroflow’s support teams are available 24X7. You can contact us anytime and we will be readily available to address your queries. Your onboarding is a top priority for us. We are committed to assisting you with initial setup support to configure your workflows once you purchase Yoroflow. 

In the Basic plan, we provide 5 hours of initial setup support. In the Standard plan, you can avail 10 hours of initial setup support. And, in the Pro plan, we provide 25 hours of initial setup support. Apart from the initial setup support, we are also available for other assistance. Yoroflow makes your business processes much more meaningful by eliminating the manual chores hidden in it. It liberties your employees from spending too much time on manual, round-about tasks and lets them focus on other important and critical tasks instead. 

Yoroflow’s bunch of powerful and intricately curated features allows you to automate processes, small or large, in your organization at ease. Our easy to use interface allows even a novice user to configure workflows and manage the organization. The big bonus about Yoroflow is that you require no prior coding experience to automate your organization’s workflows. 

Our intuitive interface makes the whole process of workflow automation a cakewalk. Yoroflow’s automation tools allow business owners to oversee the company’s processes and make informed decisions to improve them. Take a leap into the digital workflow automation software world today with Yoroflow! Schedule a demo with us and we will reach out to you right away! 

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