How do you Automate your Email Marketing?

Well, many of us may think that email is the oldest form of communication. But if you have ever harnessed the power of email for your business, you will never exclude email from your marketing campaigns. There are many modes of communication that businesses prefer over email like social media, chat, calls, and more. But for no surprise, with over a 4 billion user base, email is still the most preferred medium when it comes to business communications.
So, the importance of email marketing is crucial for every business if you utilize it in the best way. Let us take you through the details of it.

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Automate Your Email Marketing

It is the act of sending promotional emails to your bulk list of contacts to nurture their relationship with your brand and bring them closer to the deal closing stage. It can make or break business relationships.

Do you know why?

Simply because you might think that your email is a specially crafted one and is unique. But to the receiver, it is just one among many. So how do you manage to get through them to be the preferred among others? That’s where the way you communicate matters the most in an email. Your subject line., email content, everything matters!

How does it work?

Three things that make up a complete email marketing campaign is the :

  • Email list: The contact list to which you want to send personalized and more targeted emails. 
  • Email Service Provider: To help you perform the campaign effectively. 
  • Clear Objective: A goal can be anything like getting more sales, nurturing your leads, creating brand awareness, or more.
But this does not make it a fully-fledged email marketing campaign! The most important factor is the best email marketing tool or platform that helps you automate your campaigns to save time, and effort and get you good results in no time!

All about automating your Email marketing

Now that you are ready to implement email marketing campaigns for your business, it’s time for you to simplify the process by getting the right email marketing software.

Contact Segmentation

You would always want to create personalized email campaigns to touch the leads in the best way possible, right! Start with the email segmentation lists – where you have a set of contacts segregated based on certain criteria so that you can reach out to them with a more targeted approach.

Workflow configuration

Yes, once you have the personalized list in hand, the next step would be to clearly define the workflow that you want to be executed to make the campaign successful. So it indicates that email marketing is not about sending bulk emails at once or at regular intervals. It is about sequencing and sending emails based on the actions taken by the user after every email. For example, once you send your First email A to the list, after 2 days, send email B to those who opened Email A and a different follow-up email to users who did not open the email.
That’s how you define the workflow on how you need to completely plan the email campaigns and make them a big success.

Specify the Call to Action in every email

You expect people to take action after reading your email, right? That is the duty of the CTA that you incorporate in your email. It can be visiting your website or reaching out to you or taking a survey or anything of that sort.

Why Would You Automate Your Email Marketing Campaigns for Your business?

The reason is simple!

  • To reach out to your target group with the best and personalized emails at the right time when they need it. 
  • To improve and enhance your conversion rate. 
  • To make efficient use of your marketing team in nurturing the leads to close them. 
  • To experience a better customer retention rate with ease.

Sounds good to you?

Using Email Automation for your Business Growth

How you utilize the power of automation depends upon you. However, here are simple scenarios that can help you!

Let's consider the trigger as New Subscriber.

Once you get a new subscriber to your list, you can roll out the Welcome Onboard emails to give them an intricate and personalized approach.

Second scenario: Someone who left added something to the cart, but did not purchase it. 

This is quite common for e-commerce sites where people leave by adding their favorite items to the cart thinking of buying them later and may even forget. So in these situations, reach out to them with Cart abandonment emails so that they come back and take action.

How can you effectively utilize Email automation?

As we all know, one of the unique benefits attached to digital marketing over the traditional modes is the ability to measure and improve. Let us look at some quick ways with which we can harness the power of email automation for our business.
  • Keep an eye on the numbers – Analytics is important for you to make better decisions and improvise. 
  • Helps you to effectively plan your drip campaigns wherein you can touch base with the contacts that leave halfway. You can approach them from where they left to take the conversation forward. 
  • Build better customer relationships easily.
Now, all you need is to get reliable Email Marketing Software for your business and start rocking with targeted email campaigns.
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