Which Software is Best for Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an essential component of all digital marketing campaigns and one of the less expensive, most efficient ways to get your message. Creating a mailing list is one aspect of the process. These platforms provide you with a wide range of extra strategies to engage with subscribers and customers at all points in the campaign.

A robust combination of email marketing, actionable landing pages, and informative newsletters can provide digital marketers with a wide range of engagement solutions, all without exceeding your budget. 

Modern digital marketers like the email marketing strategy and email marketing software stay a vital part of that.

Multiple marketing channels mean you will be able to start your campaign not only through email but also using chat, SMS marketing, and social media marketing.

All these activities but all are anchoring on a meaningful and consistent email marketing way. Having the software and capabilities that suit what your enterprise needs are necessary.

Importance of Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software offers the highest ROI among overall marketing channels. Moreover, there are around 1.5 billion Gmail users – all of them can be potential and active.

You can do a lot with a free email account. But, to execute a successful email marketing strategy, you should find the best service provider. They come with lots of time-saving software to guide you will be managing your content, subscribers, and campaigns. 

Trying to oversee any of this on a spreadsheet is going to be the biggest nightmare. You can reach more users and cut the work in half with the best email marketing tool in place.

Whether you are kick-starting a new email contact list from scratch or looking to move to a new service provider, this post will surely assist you in finding an excellent email marketing service for your business. 

Is There Any Specific Time to Send an Email? 

The right time of your email sends based on your business type and user data. For instance, 8 AM to 5 PM tends to be the right time to send email messages. Also, Mid-weekdays tend to have a good engagement, with more individuals apt to open, view, and click your emails.

How Do You Streamline Email Campaigns?

To streamline your emails and increase engagement, you should conduct A/B testing and see analytics reports to enhance your numbers.

Always, you have to test one variable at a time to know how your information reacts. For instance, you can conduct a test, customer segment, email content, and CTA.

What is Email Marketing Software?

To select the right email marketing tool, research template designs, integration, automation, price, ease of use, reliability, deliverability, technical support, and any extra features you require.

Email marketing is about sending information to the right person at the correct time. Here is the best six email marketing software to try this year. 

  • Yoroflow  
  • Hubspot  
  • ActiveCampaign  
  • Mailerlite  
  • Moosend  
  • Constant Contact   

Yoroflow is #1 on the list as it is the right email marketing tool because of its latest automation features. As the best software on this list, machine learning plays a vital part. Yoroflow gives solutions to queries about customers to take action automatically for you and leads them down the sales funnel.

Also, Yoroflow integrates with 500+ third-party apps like Facebook, Gmail, Google Analytics, and a whole lot more. Automation segmentation is instinct, so you can develop list triggers and shift users based on sales follow-ups, email content, etc. Email workflows are easy to manage and robust. Every piece of information sync with their CRM to give sales teams more advanced lead scoring. It is flexible as well. 

It is a method to award points to email subscribers. It depends on the picking action if you are not confident with lead scoring. They can be connected by a sales team or start a new automation funnel once they hit a threshold point.


Pricing depends on the size of your email list and account features.   

  • Starter Plan: Free  
  • Business Pack: $8/month  
  • Standard: $14/month  
  • Pro: $22/month  

All the above plans come with a free 14-day trial. 

Overall, Yoroflow is the best email marketing software if you are looking for CRM, email marketing, and automation tools all in one place.   


HubSpot is also an integrated package for email marketing on the market. Using its tool is one of the simplest ways to design, streamline, and send emails. They offer many custom features. You can choose and upgrade whether you are a small or medium, or large company. 

When creating an email, you either start from scratch or utilize one of its pre-built email templates. These email templates allow you to add dividers, buttons, text, images, and various types of layouts. HubSpot email templates are user-friendly and much faster.

Once you are ready to send and publish your email, you could use its functionality is called Smart Send. This particular feature permits you to adjust your send time to increase engagement. After sending an email, it is the right time to see your metrics. The HubSpot Analytics Dashboard provides you report on your opens and clicks, then unique data on the amount of time spend seeing your email. 


I suggest you get started for free and then plan and upgrade to their Email Marketing Hub Started Package for $50/month.


ActiveCampaign is developed for creators by creators. Their team understands the requirements of their clients and knows which takes to build an online following. They have attractive online forms, organize your email subscribers, boost conversion rates with automated emails to increase engagement.

For marketers searching to send text-based emails, send personalized, their designs show as they come right from Gmail. Moreover, they give the latest email sequences based on actions with emails. Its advanced triggers create some great list segmentation options.   

  • Lite: $9/month  
  • Plus: $49/month  
  • Professional: $129/month  
  • Enterprise: $229/month

500,000+ customers around the world use Mailerlite. It has flexible pricing plans depending on the size of your email contact list. They are the best known for their email support, 24/7 live chat support, responsive email designs, and excellent user interface. 

You can track your marketing results with a click map and reveal by location reports with Mailerlite.


If you have less than 1000 subscribers, you can begin with their forever-free pricing plan. This free pricing plan has limited features and permits you to send up to 12000 emails/month.

Upgrading to a $10/month plan offers you access to essential features that assist your email marketing strategy, including pop-ups, embedded forms, and landing page builder.


Moosend is another email automation software that assists you in creating your email list, automating tasks, and personalizing emails so you can concentrate on customer relationships.

They have advanced drag and drop email marketing templates in their campaign builder. This software lets you add icons, text, images, and more. They have a library of marketing templates with multiple layouts that look great and responsive on both mobile and desktop.     

Using their pre-made email templates, you can automate emails, customer loyalty, and engagement. There are three components in every automation – Triggers, Control Steps, and Actions. 


Moosend pricing depends on the number of email subscribers. They offer a free plan for users with under 1000 email subscribers and include reporting, sign-up forms, and the ability to send emails unlimitedly. 

Moosend pricing plans start at $8/month and scale up with the email subscribers. 

Constant Contact

Constant Contact aims to assist businesses in navigating the potential, power, and promise of the web. They feature mobile-optimized and modern templates to engage and convert users, real-time reports and analytics, and additional features like events, polls, and coupons.

One of its unique features is an event management and the capability to oversee registrations, tickets, and invitations. The deliverability of the email is above average and one of the topmost among service providers at around 90%. 


Pricing is tiered depending on the number of the email contact lists. Constant Contact pricing plans begin at $18/month for up to 500 contacts.

Their drip email campaigns are intuitive and easy to use. You can build simple sequences but, you cannot use advanced filtering and merge conditions.

Ultimately, if you look for event automation features, Constant Contact is the right choice.


The above list of the best email service providers helps you pick the perfect solution for your online business. There are a lot of tools out there. It is about knowing which features need for you and your budget point.   

Focus on template designs, advanced features, ease of use, deliverability, and price you need.   

Do more research on the internet. You will get a clear idea about the latest email marketing software. After getting knowledge from that, you can plan to invest in the email marketing tool you have filtered among the marketplace. However, you will reach your marketing goal through the above-listed email service providers for sure.