Explore different workflow solutions for your business

Companies are actively looking for ways to optimize the way they work and improve their positioning in the market. One interesting way to achieve this, which is trending lately, is to find an efficient way to run the company’s workflows. Workflow solutions assist companies to run their processes automatically with maximum output and minimal disruption. Since the workflow solutions are mostly based on the web, it is easy to implement and use even in remote working environmentsWorkflow solutions are software products that allow medium to large companies to automate their everyday tasks and improve the way they work. Workflow software help companies adapt, learn, and grow over their practices. From simple tasks to complex ones, workflow solutions are used to automate tasks at each level and ensure maximum output. The overall efficiency of the company also improves on using such value-added software. Workflow solutions benefit everyone in the company. Let’s see how.

Different workflow solutions

Typically, employees are assigned tasks weekly or daily. Employees are first given a brief of the task to be completed along with input data and later explained what has to be done. Once an employee completes the task, they must intimate the immediate manager or another team member to continue the process. With workflow solutions, employees can understand the end-to-end workflow by following just the automated process. Once the employee completes a task, the person-in-charge next will also be notified automatically without any manual completion required in place.

Workflow solutions are very useful for new employees who join your teams. Automated workflows are self explainable and help new employees onboard and understand the flow much faster. This helps companies reduce the resources required to train and equip new employees.

Workflow solution for managers

Managers are responsible for assigning tasks to each of their reportees and track the progress of the assigned work. In agile methodologies, teams are scheduled every day stand up meetings where they discuss their completed and upcoming tasks. The manager usually initiates the call and gets the status from each employee. While emails, phone calls, and direct messages via messaging software allow managers to know the status of tasks, it is not very efficient or fool-proof. To overcome this, workflow software, helps managers track the work right from the software.

Once an employee completes the work, they mark the progress in the workflow software. This helps the manager know who exactly is working on a task and how far the task has been completed. Managers can thus gain an overall view of the process and maintain balance in the process flow.

Workflow solution for teams

When more than one person in a team is assigned a task it is not easy to track the employee performing the task at a given instant. It is also hard to overview the split-up of tasks performed by each employee. Workflow solutions help each member of the team to individually log the work they perform. This helps managers understand the amount of work performed by each of them and assign work accordingly.

As teams are responsible for completing their goals, if a task goes unattended anyone in the team can also be allowed to pick it up and work on it. Workflow software allows us to group employees as groups or teams and assign them tasks to perform.

Workflow solution for senior management

The senior management of a company like the CEO, CFO, and the board of directors desire to keep a close watch on the company. However, it is hard for them to track what happens at a lower level. Especially when direct customer queries are handled, if the CEO wants an update, they will have to approach a connected person. This might also pave way for misinterpretations or false updates. To ensure none of these negative factors occur, workflow solutions allow the company’s top management to oversee even the intricate details carried out in the company. They can easily track progress, derive completion dates, understand employee workload, and also suggest opinions to optimize the processes followed.

Apart from tracking, report and charts allow the management to gain a visual interpretation of the tasks carried out.

Workflow solution for departments

Every company houses various departments like product, marketing, sales, finance, support, HR, and so on. While each of the departments is interdependent, the dependent tasks performed by them needs a lot of communication and discussion. While following up tasks between teams is difficult in itself, tasks between departments require so much pressure to be pushed through and completed. Unless a monitor is present, departments often fail to give priority to other team’s work. Building a workflow solution helps different departments ensure that collaboration is in place and working for them. While every department in a company can use workflow automation software, here’s how different companies can use it. Marketing team can use workflow solutions to plan an event, design a brochure, organize user meets, plan webinars, set up Adwords, perform competitor analysis, or track user signups. Sales team has various uses of workflow automation. They can use workflow solutions to track generated leads, record lead follow-ups, schedule pre-sales meetings, schedule demos, project targets, and analyze sales for each quarter. HR team can use workflow solutions for recruitment processes like employee interviews, initial tests, employee on-boarding, team mapping, account setup process, and so on. They can also use workflow automation for employee leave approvals, onsite approvals, travel approvals, and employee exit processes. Finance team is usually small in each company and can be welcoming to use workflow automation software. They can use workflow solutions for new employee salary setup, client invoice, expense recording, employee reimbursement, employee exit settlement, employee loans, bonus processes, and so on. Customer support team can use workflow solutions for filing tickets, tracking tickets, scheduling demos, scheduling client meetups, and for gathering customer feedback or testimonials.

Yoroflow- workflow automation software

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