Switch to online workflow tools to manage business better

Workflows planned for business activities are largely required to be agile, this helps businesses stay adaptable as and when the requirements, resources, and outcomes vary. Offline workflows are often very practical with the situation in-hand but require very delicate technical handling when it comes to agility. If you want to deal with the technical handling of agile workflows, online workflow tools are the best bet.

What is an online workflow tool?

Online workflow tools allow companies to upgrade their workflows to digital form, automate the workflows, and monitor the progress of workflows in the organization. It is an efficient method for medium to large companies involving bigger processes or a higher number of workflows. While offline processing provides a straight forward approach, online workflow tools allow companies to handle complex strategies and lengthy processes at ease. Most online workflow tools are low-code, which means that even layman users who do not have any programming knowledge can configure and use the application. Low-code applications often do not require a special workforce in the company to handle IT requirements and serve as a major cost-saving advantage. Also, low-code is a hit factor while considering online workflow tools as companies look forward to easy and user-friendly technology for better adaptability.

Why do companies need online workflows?

Every business has activities that repeat, over and over again. For example, if you were to sell software – it would involve a sales discussion, processing customer orders, invoicing the customer, packaging the product, adding a record in the sales log, shipping the product, and other such steps. Real-time business activities involve innumerable steps that cannot be handled manually, it is necessary to keep them recorded, tracked, and monitored online. Online workflow tool takes care of all these steps and also helps companies gain real-time insights on their processes. Be it creating forms to acquire users requirements, creating and maintaining workflows for each process, assigning specific tasks to the subject expert in the organization, or even tracking the productivity of various teams/individuals within the organization – you could perform these activities without raising a brow using online workflow tools. Incorporating an online workflow tool in your company has an array of amazing benefits. Here is a compilation of all such benefits.

Benefits of online workflow tools

Improve the way your company works

Today’s companies are actively looking for ways to improve their performance and position in the global market. While you provide great services for your clients, it is also mandatory to take a look at the way you function. Most companies use offline processes that are long drawn out and time-consuming. It is hard to track where or when it starts and ends. Being accustomed to offline processes, they often are reluctant to update themselves to online ones.

Upgrading to online applications provides a competitive edge and ensures that your data is available for access anytime via cloud. In addition, online workflow tools enhance your work processes and paves way for efficient work culture in your company.

Track processes end-to-end

Online workflow tools automate the companies processes so that they are easy to monitor end-to-end. For instance, an employee recruitment process involves a lot of steps like scheduling the interview, shortlisting candidates, organizing background checks, sending offer letters, and so on. This entire process with several minute steps can be automated and digitized using online workflow tools.

At any given point in time, the progress of the workflow can also be monitored and tracked.

Trace approvals

Workflows like invoice generation, client billing, leave, travel, reimbursement, etc., require approvals either from managers or from other team members. To seek approvals, employees will have to email the concerned manager or team and wait till they get a reply. Sometimes, the email sent could be lost among a series of other emails and the employee might end up with no response.

To avoid such situations and improve the approvals workflows, online workflow tools help companies automate the approval processes. Now, the employee has to raise an approval request online which reaches the manager. It will be added to the manager’s list of tasks. Also, the date on which the request was created, the date on which it is approved, pending approvals, rejected approvals, and other such stats can also be viewed and obtained.

Secure sensitive data

With online workflow tools, not everyone in the company can view all the data. Accessing data is restricted based on configurations. For instance, the client billing details must not be exposed to all employees. To implement this, any task containing billing details can have limited access for only the managers and other senior executives of the company. Any data that is sensitive can be given limited access. In addition to this, the users who have made edits to this data can also be tracked.

Similarly, our client data is also secure with online workflow tools. Even as cloud is a secure storage medium that protects our data, online workflow tools ensure additional security of data, thus instilling its advantageous attribute in every user’s mind.

Insights and analytics

One major benefit of online workflow tools is the ability to gain insights in almost no time at all. You can easily track,

  • Number of tasks created over a period of time
  • Number of tasks assigned to users
  • Users who are under-allocated or over-allocated
  • Number of tasks completed
  • Number of tasks pending

Apart from such basic analytics, workflow software also has the ability to derive advanced stats based on the activities performed in each task.

This helps companies analyze their work pattern, make modifications to the work, and adapt to new changes easily with the help of technology. Online workflow tools are very flexible and allow companies to keep updating their processes to gain better outputs.

Summing up…

Online workflow tools allow companies to upgrade their workflows to digital form, automate the workflows, and monitor the progress of workflows in the organization. When it comes to your day-to-day activities – you could perform automation to keep activities in place, get real-time insights within the organization to stay updated on all the activities happening in tasks, also providing profile-based access control to the features and activities within the workflow tool.

Yoroflow- the best online workflow tool

Yoroflow is an online workflow tool that allows you to digitize your workflow, monitor the status of work at different levels, track employee performance, and arrive at insights. It is loaded with a hefty bunch of features that help companies improve their performance and obtain a competitive edge. It helps you go beyond our manual processes and explore the decisions you make every day. What could be better than a low-code platform where you could get started with managing activities without a big learning curve. This is one of the best ways you could empower every individual involved in the business process, and keep the processes transparent for everyone to understand their responsibilities and roles better. Schedule a demo with us today and explore limitless possibilities for your business.