Mobile Number Based Reports (Call Report and SMS Report)

  • Click on the Add widget in YoroCRM dashboard. 
  • You have the option to select either the Call Report or the SMS Report option, as displayed below. 
  • Choose the option that suits your needs and preferences to access the respective report. 
  • These reports provide insights and analytics related to your communications with contacts via phone calls and SMS messages.  
  • By analyzing these reports, you can track and evaluate the effectiveness of your mobile-based interactions within the CRM system. 
  • Call Report: This report provides detailed information about your phone call activities within YoroCRM. It includes metrics such as call duration, call outcomes, call history, and more. It helps you analyze and assess your calling efforts. 
  • SMS Report: This report focuses on your SMS messaging activities within YoroCRM. It provides data on the number of sent messages, delivery status, response rates, and other relevant metrics. It allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns and communication.