Create Email Task #

  • You can use the Email Task for the purpose of sending a mail notification to inform about the workflow success or workflow failure.
  • Once you configure your Email server with Yoroflow, when this task gets triggered, the mail is sent from your mailbox directly.

Start Task #

  • To start an Email Task, you have to select the Email Task node through the drag and drop feature.

Go To Properties #

  • Right click the Email Task node and you can see three options like Properties, Delete, and Duplicate.
  • Select Properties of the Email Task that will show the Email properties like this.

Add Email Task #

  • Enter the Name, Sender Name, and Sender Email ID correctly in the specific field.
  • There is an option to enable or disable the ‘Array Fields’.
  • You can ‘Add Custom Emails’ or else directly mention the ‘Email To’. Meanwhile, you can use the enable or disable feature for CC and BCC.
  • There is a specific area to Add a Subject and Email Template.
  • Once it is added successfully, you can start attaching the file.

Save Task #

  • At last, you can either Save, Cancel, or Reset the task which you have created.