Delay Timer

Delay Timer Activity #

  • Delay Timer activity pauses your workflow for a specified time period.
  • Based on the defined schedule, this duration can be a perfect time value.
  • Delay timer is the best to Adjust Time Duration so your workflow can progress in a timely manner.

Start Task #

  • To use the Delay Timer, you have to select the Delay Timer node through the drag and drop feature.

Go To Properties #

  • Right click the Delay Timer node and you can see three options like Properties, Delete, and Duplicate.
  • Select Properties of the Delay Timer that will show the Delay Timer properties like this.

Set Delay Timer #

  • To set the specific duration, you have to mention the Name, Time, and Units (Minutes, Hours).

Save Task #

  • At last, you can either Save, Cancel, or Reset the task which you have created.