Ensure that the Yoroflow-ChatGPT integration is activated within your Yoroflow application settings. 

  • Open the desired board where you wish to utilize the Yoroflow-ChatGPT integration. 
  • Locate the comment feature within the board interface. 
  • The Yoroflow-ChatGPT integration in the comment feature enables users to leverage the power of advanced language modeling to generate, rewrite, elaborate, summarize, and engage in free-flowing text conversations. 
  • Grant necessary permissions for YoroCRM to access your LinkedIn Ads account. 
  • Sync your LinkedIn Ads campaigns with YoroCRM.
  • Map your CRM campaigns with the corresponding LinkedIn Ads campaigns. 
  • Track and manage the performance of your LinkedIn Ads campaigns within YoroCRM. 
  • Contacts are automatically generated upon form submission for inquiries.