Manage Sprint

Enable Sprint #

  • In the Project board tab, select the Configuration option. 
  • Go to the project configuration, and ‘Enable Sprint’ and tap the Update Project button.

Add Sprint #

  • Go to the project, select the specific project and click the kebab menu. 
  • There are two options available such as: Add New Sprint and Sprint Settings.

Create New Sprint #

  • Select Add New Sprint option and you can view the pop-up screen like this.  
  • Here, you must add the Start date and End date along with the no.of. Sprints, then click Create button.
  • Now, the sprint is created successfully in your project.

Sprint Settings #

  • Click Sprint Settings, add Sprint Duration and Sprint Start Day along with Sprint Estimations.  
  • Then, click the Save button. 
  • On the right side of the project board, you can view the two icons such as Estimation Hours and Original Points. 
  • Click Estimation Hours icon, enter the time period in hours for completing the project and tap Apply button as shown in below.
  • Set the point-based sprint by clicking Original Points icon on the screen.