Decision Table

Map the Conditions #

  • The main purpose of enabling the Decision Table is to map the conditions against actions in a graphical way.
  • It shows the fact that some of the actions are to be executed only if some conditions are satisfied.

Start Task #

  • To start a Decision Table Task, you have to select the Decision Table Task node through the drag and drop feature.

Go To Properties #

  • Right click the Decision Table Task node and you can see three options like Properties, Delete, and Duplicate.
  • Select Properties of the Decision Table Task that will show the Decision Table properties like this.
  • Specify the Name, and you can either select ‘Run All Conditions’ or ‘Break When Match’ option you need as shown in the screen.

Set New Condition #

  • Then, you can also add the New Condition. Once you have done, all the added conditions are saved and you can choose any conditions from that.

Assign Variables #

  • Similarly, you can Assign to Variables. Once you have done, all the assigned variables are saved and you can choose variables from that.
  • If you do not mention, the page field shows as Empty.
  • In the right-side corner, there is an attribute to enable or disable the Restartable option.

Save Task #

  • At last, you can either Save, Cancel, or Reset the decision task which you have created.
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