Counter Task

Define Rules #

  • Counter task permits you to count the number of times that the workflow has been completed.
  • It helps to define the rules that limit the iteration count of some other tasks in your workflow process.

Start Task #

  • To start the Counter Task, you have to select the Counter Task node through the drag and drop feature.

Go To Properties #

  • Right click the Counter Task node and you can see three options like Properties, Delete, and Duplicate.
  • Select Properties of the Counter Task that will show the Counter Task properties like this.

Create Counter Task #

  • To add the counter task in your workflow, you have to mention the Name of the Counter, Counter Type using drop-down button, Counter Starts At, Increases Counter By, Counter Resets At with the help of increment and decrement button, and Time Zone as shown in the below screen.
  • In the right-side corner, there is an attribute to enable or disable the Restartable option.

Save Task #

  • At last, you can either Save, Cancel, or Reset the task which you have created.